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                      Trademark Licensing

                      Trademarks and service marks are precious corporate assets.

                      CSX Corporation and its subsidiaries ("CSX") convey their corporate image through trademarks, service marks and slogans, which promote recognition and communicate a sense of relationship among the companies within the CSX corporate umbrella. Service marks and trademarks are the names associated with services or goods. Proper use of the marks reinforces their distinctive identity and value, while unauthorized use and variation of the marks dilutes and undermines their marketing strength, the owner's trademark rights and the economic value of the intellectual property asset.

                      No CSX marks may be used by third parties without express permission of the company that owns the mark, generally expressed in the form of a written permission or license.
                      Trademark and License Forms

                      Print, complete and mail to address indicated on form.

                      Trademark Application for For-Profit Organizations (DOC)

                      Trademark Application for Non-Profit Organizations (DOC)

                      Trademark Usage Guidelines (DOC)

                      Print out and complete the appropriate application and return to:
                      IP Administrator
                      Law Department, J150
                      CSX Transportation
                      500 Water Street
                      Jacksonville, FL 32202
                      Fax: 904-245-4227
                      Email: CSXBrandTeam@csx.com 


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