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                      Retiree Gateway

                      The Retiree Gateway gives you secure access to your benefits details and other information.

                      Retiree Gateway Access:

                      • Employees who have separated from CSX with a severance package (including early retirement volunteers) will have access to the Retiree Gateway within 30 days after their departure date and only after CSX has received any required signed agreements/releases. These users will then need to use the online password reset tool to create a new password before they will be able to access the Retiree Gateway. All impacted employees will be mailed their paystubs through U.S. Mail even if paid through direct deposit.  If it has been at least 7 days since you have returned your release to CSX, please click here to reset your password for access to the Retiree Gateway.
                      • CSX Retirees (not separated with a severance package) automatically receive access 48 hours after their last day as an active employee, but will need to first reset their password using the online password reset process below. If it has been at least 48 hours since your last working day at CSX, please click here to reset your password for access to the Retiree Gateway.
                      • Former employees who have separated from CSX without severance or retirement benefits will only have access to the Retiree Gateway through April of the year following their separation date. These users will need to contact the CSX Service Desk at 1-800-CHESSIE to reset their password, which can then be used to access the Retiree Gateway.
                      Password Reset Tool Instructions

                      1. Open an internet browser (preferred: Internet Explorer)
                      2. Type: reset.csx.com in the web browser bar
                      3. Select “Reset Your Password”
                      4. Under “User:” enter your RACFID (Note: this is NOT your Employee ID)
                      5. Follow instructions as they appear on your screen as 2 scenarios may occur. (listed in steps 6 and 7)
                      6. You may be asked a series of questions and then prompted to reset your password (jump to step 10) 
                      7. You may be asked to type in the last 4 digits of your SSN. Next, an automated email/text will be sent to you that contains a PIN number. The PIN will be sent to either your personal email address OR your mobile device. 
                      8. Go to your personal email or text message to receive the PIN number to type into web browser.
                      9. Once you type in the PIN you should be prompted to reset your password.
                      10. The password requirements are at least 3 letters and 3 numbers. Please use an 8 character password. (Example: First 3 letters of last name, last digit of birth year, and last 4 of SSN)

                      Congratulations, you have successfully reset your Retiree Gateway Password! You can now use your password to login to the Retiree Gateway.


                      If you are not receiving the PIN via email or text, contact the CSX Employee Service Center at 1-800-633-4045. They will update your contact information in the system so you receive the PIN at the appropriate email or phone number. 

                      If you are receiving the following error code “The entered user does not exist or has not been enrolled into CSX Password Reset. Error code: 1168.” when using the password reset tool, contact the CSX Service Desk at 1-800-CHESSIE (1-800-243-7743) for further assistance.


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